4. Why Communication is Important


Why Communication is Important

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Communication can be a tricky concept to master within a clan, particularly one with complex levels and multiple issues which arise from being in multiple games. When all parts of the clan communicate smoothly, it can improve effectiveness and overall activity because members and officers like being informed and kept up to date on happenings. No one likes not knowing whats happening because the communication is poor. By making an effort to improve your communication processes, whether at the Clan Command, Division Command or Team Command level, you can build a stronger clan/divison/team that will have long lasting power in the game/s it represents..
Member Trust
Clear, open communication can create a sense of transparency in your organization (whether at the Team or Division level), which builds trust between all the members (and officers) in it. Where keeping members in the dark can result in resentments, tension, and a feeling of officers not giving a shit, strong communication can help them feel valued and trusted and in turn the Team/Division can do more. Open communication can reduce feelings of uncertainty and cluelessness about the state of the Team or Division, which makes for a more-positive clan environment and members who feel that their membership means something as well as allowing them to help out to fix the issues or achieve the objectives. Its important to note that the trust isnt just downwards, but its upwards as well. By ensuring the Leader (if you are a Commander), or your Commander (if you are a Team Leader) is kept in the loop all the time about your plans and how you are achieving the goals and objectives they gave you, it will improve the trust from them to you. They may even grant you more responsibility knowing you dont need to be micro-managed to see it done. Ideally, you want to communicate with both your superior officer AND your members on at least a daily basis. Even if its just a quick forum PM or an announcement in your Division subforum.
Communication is essential to building relationships between all members and officers, both on a professional and social level. An atmosphere of open communication makes it safe for members to express their ideas; as a result, you will have the benefit of your all your members and officers combined experience in coming up with innovative solutions. Communication prevents members from feeling isolated, builds teamwork, and creates a more collegial atmosphere in the group. When relationships are strong, members are better able to trust one another and work together more effectively, which in turn, increases activity (which is the key goal!).
In your Team or Division, confusion and ambiguity can create negative feelings and a tense atmosphere. By making roles and responsibilities clear to everyone in your Team or Division, you can give your members the information they need to get their jobs done; this is particularly important when your members are dispersed or come from different backgrounds. Communication reduces misunderstandings and cuts the costs associated with mistakes.
Communication can help your members collaborate effectively, which will make for a more-productive team / division overall. When you have multiple members who are working on different facets of the same project, communication can streamline the process and improve the end result. When your members/officers talks openly to each other, they can communicate potential issues, requirements and feedback that can make the result stronger. Communication can ensure that everyone is on the same page and prevent problems down the road.
DI offers both forums and teamspeak for communication purposes, and its been found in clans that a good use of both is ideal for maintaining good communication. As an officer, it is your responsibility to ensure your members use both these platforms (not because they are mandatory to use by the Code of Ops), but because they IMPROVE COMMUNICATION within your Team and Division, which leads your Team/Division to be stronger and able to do more. An Officer should set the example and strive to maintain their post per day average above three, and take the effort to make announcements / updates in their Division Subforum just like Leadership do in the clan announcements section.