1. The Basics


The Basics

Revised: 19 May 2016 by @GreatJackal


Make no apologies for setting high standards

Welcome to the first part of the Officer Induction Package. If you haven’t already please read this topic for an overview of the process and a brief explanation of why it exists. Over the course of this segment you will learn the basic skills relevant to leading a team of people under any circumstances – not just DI – with the addition of our own flavour to things. Take a moment to read over these keywords (They appear frequently in the Officer Induction Training Test so its IMPORTANT you understand them):

Professionalism, Initiative, Knowledge, Commitment

In no particular order those are the things you need to succeed here. In breakdown:


  •  the skill, good judgement, and polite behaviour that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well

Lead by example
What kind of behaviour do you want to see from our member base? Show it to them. Consider what we value highest as a community. Organization, teamwork, maturity, excellence. Demonstrate each of those things in everything you do.

Be prepared
Have an organizational system. Personally I use Microsoft one note, without hyperlinked pages and notebooks I’d be lost. Other suggestions is Google Docs (especially spreadsheets for managing and tracking your member’s progress) Find the method that works for you, some people prefer notepad files and one officer even uses sticky notes all over his bedroom! Without some way of keeping track of information and being able to access it with ease true organization is impossible. There can be so many things over the course of a day that come up its far too easy to get distracted and forget things – once you start doing that its a slippery slope to burnout and a pile of things all left undone.

Take responsibility
Understand what exactly your role is and make sure you are doing it well. When something does go wrong – and it will, nobody is perfect – own up to it and ask for help. The situation will be resolved with much less anguish if you approach your superior and simply explain. Attempting to hide the error and push the blame onto someone else for your mistakes will only cause tension, compound the original problem and make people both up and down the chain of command lose respect for you.


  • the ability to assess and initiate things independently – without having to be micro managed.

“use your initiative, imagination, and common sense

Once you understand both your role and the chain of command fully this will allow you a great amount of latitude to act on your own initiative within the boundaries of our organisation. The highest valued team members, to my mind, are those that make things happen without having to be spoon-fed every step of the way.

A very simple example is – it’s raining and you are going out to meet a friend but you don’t want to get wet, so you solve the problem by using an umbrella, getting a taxi, changing the location/time of the appointment or even altering the appointment to a ‘virtual’ one so you don’t have to go out at all.  Whatever you decide to do, you have used your creativity and initiative to solve a problem!

There will be many situations where you meet roadblocks from minor to major in the clan, figuring out on your own how to get past those and still complete the objective is an invaluable skill. Of course it is a viable option to ask for help in figuring it out if you can’t, we are a team and you will never stand alone. However, the more independent you are able to be the better as the less time someone has to spend managing you the more they have to utilize on other things thus leading to more efficiency over all.


As a member of our leadership team its very important to not only be in the loop of what is going on but also to contribute to it. I hear from a lot of new officers that they are too shy to say anything in the opium but having access to that gives you the absolute right and even a responsibility to offer your perspective for the benefit of our community. Remember that there is no such thing as a ‘stupid idea’, working together as a team we can take the best parts of many ideas and come up with something truly beautiful – if everyone contributes.
New ideas and different ways of doing things are invaluable to our organisation as stagnation is death. To that end you should have HQ Operations, Opium denAnnouncements and your Division Subforum in your subscriptions so you are notified of every new topic going up.
There is also a lot of useful information in the Officer tools, including the last active report and the member roll list (which is a much easier way of going through members profile than the search system with the use of control+f). Last but not least, the Code of Ops which every member should know inside and out.


Officers exist primarily to create an organized and enjoyable environment for Members to participate and win in online gaming. As a clan we don’t expect too much from people. Log into the website every few days unless you’ve communicated absence, team speak when in-game and loyalty . As an officer however we demand much more. If you do not have at least 2 hours most days to commit to working for the good of the clan stepping up to our ranks is not a path for you. We are the backbone of this community, the ones who ensure everything is running smoothly and the clan is an enjoyable place to be. This takes dedication that quite simply most people are not prepared to give. Make sure you are.