0. Officer Training Explained


Officer Training Explained

Revised: 22 September 2016 by leader.gifGreatJackal
This is a quick guide that explains how and why Officer Training has been introduced as a requirement for those who wish to take on more responsibility within the clan. The Officer Training package was revised in May 2016 to be simplified into one single “Induction Package” followed by On-the-Job Training depending on the role of the Officer.

Why Officer Training?

Whilst a lot of people are able to manage and lead others to a reasonable standard, the standard DI wants from its officers is higher than average. So training was introduced to cater for everyone from those who are new to leading and those who are veterans (even in Real Life). Whilst you may know how to lead and manage, you may not be used to the protocols expected of you as an officer in DI. Things  such as what exactly your role is and how it fits in with the rest of the clan etc. Doing the training allows Leadership and Division Commanders to trust that the people they are about to promote into potentially significant positions are ready to do it, the DI way. Its been designed to tailor for each person, with some people spending longer than others to learn before taking the test, and others may just need a quick crash course before being ready to prove themselves. Too many times have people been thrown in the deep without the right knowledge of how to use the tools available to them (such as forum and teamspeak moderation) or completely knowing how or what they need to do to fix an issue, this will solve it.

Who Needs to Complete Officer Training?

All aspiring Officers and Members/Initiates who wish to be undertake officer positions within the clan.

Since Officer Training is being re-introduced from May 2016, in addition to the above, all current officers must complete the training unless they meet ONE of the two following exemptions:

1. They have been an Officer for 6+ Months prior to and leading up to May 2016

2. They have been a Member for 24+ Months prior to and leading up to May 2016

Does doing the training guarantee me a promotion to officer?

No. The training will give you the Officer Training Event Attendance Token (which counts towards your Event Attendance) that will display to Leadership and Commanders that you are ready and prepared to take on more responsibility. Promotion will be based on position availability, so if 20 people do the training and only 10 positions are available, then only 10 will be promoted. However, you keep the training award forever and the training is required for promotion past lofficer (members without it will not be considered), and those who have completed it will be a favourite in any future positions that open up as DI expands or other officers retire/quit.

Can I be Promoted Without Officer Training?

Yes. If there is an operational need, you may be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant under probation and assigned a period of time to complete the Officer Induction Training. If you do not complete the Officer Induction Training in this assigned time you will be demoted to your previous member rank.

What You Need to Know for the Induction Training Test

Its important to note that its not just hoops to jump through. You have already done that by finishing initiation. This will just test to make sure you are ready to take responsibility, and ready to do it in the DI way. DI is a clan where quality is a lot more important than quantity, hence why we have such stringent activity demands and make initiates do a lot of work before being accepted into the clan. Its because of this approach that we have come along so far and kept a tight core of friendship amongst ourselves. Too many gaming clans are just rag tag that are riddled with inactivity and disloyalty. DI seeks to break away from that.

By knowing the following areas in great detail, you will be armed with the knowledge to crush the test:

1. The Basics (click here)

2. Conflict Resolution (click here)

3, Understanding Chain of Command (click here)

4. Why Communication is Important (click here)

5. Achieving and Maintaining the Honor (click here)

6. Striking Members from Other Divisions (click here)

7. The Team Leader (click here)

8. Clan Membership Demographics (click here)

9. Clan vs Clan Responsibilities (click here)

10. The Clan Structure & Officer Charter (click here)

11. How to Use the Moderator CP Tools (click here)

12. How to Interpret the Roster (Top of Page)

13. An Exceptional Understanding of the Code of Ops


The Officer Induction Training Test

The Officer Induction Training Test is a straightforward multiple choice test that will test your understanding of all the subject areas listed above. There are also several situational questions that requires deeper thought and common sense to answer, which will measure your ability to think like an officer and manage various situations that our officers experience on a day to day basis. Its not hard, and you dont have a time limit to complete it.

On successful completion you are awarded the:
Award: cert1.png[DI] Officer Induction Training

How do I sign up?

Easy! You just read all the above topics in your own time, and when you are ready, you simply let @Tyrant know (on TeamSpeak or PM) to gain access to the Test.

You don’t need any face to face instruction, because you learn this On-The-Job from your HQ Section Head or your Commander/Vice.